Friday, November 6, 2009

All About Me

This has been a very busy week. On Monday, I hosted my last fall parent/teacher/student conferences. What a great time time to get to talk with parents about this school year!

Then I went for a much deserved and healthy massage on Tuesday. I save my money to have this monthly treat for myself and my health. I wish I could do it more often!

Wednesday was our monthly PTA meeting. We do great things as a group. Some of us went to Colorado in October to become consultants on Parenting with Love and Logic. It was an excellent conference and we'll be hosting our parenting workshops in the spring of 2010.

On Thursday Kaia had Girl Scouts, so Tanner and I got to have some mother-son bonding time. He still loves to snuggle his mama!

At school on Friday we had our 5th grade Kindness Retreat. What an awesome day of fun and bonding for the kids and teachers.

Now I'm off for my first Mystery Girls Weekend! If things go as well as I'm expecting, this is what I'd like all my girlfriends to do with me to celebrate the Year of Sheri (I'm turning 40 in May)! Come and join me.

Have a great weekend,

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